The Mothers Curse – Judgement

Judgment from strangers, specialists, loved ones… ourselves.

Motherhood can be all-consuming, totally terrifying, and more self-sacrificing than anything anyone could ever do. It can rip off all the protective layers you once had and leave you raw and ragged until you slowly begin to rebuild stronger skin.

These infants we bring into the world, evolve right along with us, as we navigate through the never-ending, painstaking decisions we make as mothers. We fail, we learn. They fail, they learn. And eventually, these lessons bring a lifelong story full of suffering and redemption, and the fullness of fruition, over and over again.

“The Mothers Curse – Judgement” is constructed from recycled food packaging and moving boxes. The altar-like structure depicting a life-giving mother surrendering to the burden of never-ending judgment from the world around her, asks viewers who do they identify with… do their actions and words judge or encourage?

TITLE: The Mothers Curse- Judgement
MEDIUM: Recycled cardboard boxes, wood, acrylic paint, paint pens and hot glue.
SIZE: 80cm H x 53cm W x 10cm D
YEAR: 2023