Recycled Art Challenge – Owls

In late 2022 I created the “Recycled Art Challenge – Owls” project as a creative outlet to focus on while being unable to walk for almost 3mths after ankle surgery.

The creative project invited participants to experiment and play with ideas and recycled materials in a low-stress, fun, and mind-stretching way; and create an “owl” each day from recycled and re-purposed materials, based on the themes provided (at the bottom of this post), then share your creation here to inspire others.

Day 1 Colourful
Day 2 Shy
Day 3 Bee
Day 4 Crystal
Day 5 Hearts
Day 6 Lavendar
Day 7 Mushrooms
Day 8 Sunrise
Day 9 Cactus
Day 10 Loops
Day 11 Blushing
Day 12 Claws
Day 13 Sleepy
Day 14 Cyclops
Day 15 Surprised
Day 16 Conjoined
Day 17 Red
Day 18 Stormy
Day 19 Fancy
Day 20 Laughing
Day 21 Black & White
Day 22 Steampunk
Day 23 Crown
Day 24 Masked
Day 25 Silly
Day 26 Spotty
Day 27 Rotten
Day 28 Sweet
Day 29 Yellow
Day 30 Circus