The Forgotten Kimono

The kimono is a clothing form relatively unchanged for centuries and renowned for their exceptional beauty. The Forgotten Kimono celebrates uses discarded industrial materials and household objects long past their function, repurposing them in a way that gives new meaning and beauty.

This artwork was made specifically for our local Council’s “Waste To Art” competition and must use recycled materials. Items used, in no particular order, all items used were already in my recycled stash of goodies or bought from recycling centres, second-hand shops or garage sales for this project …. ply, wooden mask, Christmas decorations, belt, saucers, seed pods, mirror, knitting needles, baking trays, teaspoons, broken solar lights, nail gun inserts, table runner, metal colander, jacket cuffs, lotus seed pods, gold Hawaiian lei, old bells, necklaces, fabric.

TITLE: The Forgotten Kimono
MEDIUM: Recycled Mixed Media
SIZE: 180cm H x 120cm W x 30cm D
YEAR: 2023