Live Your Truth

A celebration of self-discovery and rebirth.

It can take decades to find, accept and believe in who you truly are. You must have courage and not just be a version of yourself that suits everyone else’s agenda.

Along the path of self-discovery many will try to convince you they have the answers but the only person who truly know what brings you peace and fills you with a sense of acceptance and purpose is you. You are your own saviour.

“Live Your Truth” is constructed from recycled materials including cardboard from food packaging, Christmas decorations and toothpicks. The intricate and layered elements create a complex visual story which aim to draw the viewer closer and encourages them to ponder “are they being their true autehntic self… are they living their truth?”

TITLE: Live Your Truth
MEDIUM: Recycled cardboard boxes, wood, acrylic paint, paint pens and hot glue.
SIZE: 62cm H x 15cm W x 32cm D
YEAR: 2023