Misconceptions of Love

In my head we had a sweet little treehouse and a beautiful garden… but then you left.

The human condition is a constant minefield of emotions, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Sometimes accepting the gap between your dreams and expectations verses reality is a long slow journey as it means learning how to forgive and trust yourself again.

“Misconceptions of Love” is constructed almost entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials including cardboard from food packaging and moving boxes; and wood from fallen branches. The layered hand-cut figures and foliage aim to highlight the fragile nature of the environment, love and human emotions.

TITLE: Misconceptions of Love
MEDIUM: Recycled cardboard boxes, wood, wire, acrylic paint, paint pens and hot glue.
SIZE: 95cm H x 25cm W x 40cm D
YEAR: 2023